Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ System has closed for the 2024 Season!   It will reopen on September 16, for the 2025 Season.  

Frequently Asked Questions and the Submit A Question functions allow participants, coaches, Event Supervisor and volunteers to get answers for specific clarifying questions regarding what's published in each year's rules. Everyone should make certain they are using only the current year's rules, which are found free online on this website. While originating at the national level, these FAQs and Official Rules Clarifications apply to all states and tournaments. In addition, Science Olympiad participants should check Regional or State Websites for local updates that pertain to local events. Any team that wants to participate in Science Olympiad tournaments must first be a member of their State Science Olympiad organization.

To Submit A Question or view a posted FAQ, please select one of these five categories:

Division B Events

Division C Events

General Questions

Coaching/Team Requirements

Trial Events

If your question is about a specific event, select the appropriate Division (B for Grades 6-9, C for Grades 9-12), then click on your event. You will need to reference the section and paragraph number in the event rule. To see the responses posted, click on the event. To see all the FAQs for a single event, use the "Printer-Friendly Version" button on that page. To see if a similar question has already been asked, click Reveal Questions. Use the search function to conduct a Keyword Search to find specific Q & A.

Questions that generally do not receive replies are:

  • Questions already answered and posted
  • How to build a device, what materials to use
  • If a device or materials comply with the rules
  • What will be covered on a test
  • Where to find resources
  • Repetition of what is already in the rules
  • How to coach the event
  • Tournament information specific to your region

Only specific clarifying questions will receive replies. If your question meets that standard for review, a panel of Event Supervisors will evaluate the request and post the answer, usually within 2-3 weeks. FAQs are replies to commonly asked questions. If a FAQ changes the meaning or corrects a published rule it will be posted as an Official Rules Clarification - these are rare.

For questions about team size or qualification please see our Policies page. General tournament, facility or site-specific questions should go to your State Director