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Science Olympiad volunteers like these coaches and school administrators from Memphis, Tennessee, make our mission possible!

It's a simple fact -- Science Olympiad would not exist without volunteers! Science Olympiad has always benefitted from a virtual army of dedicated, passionate and creative educators, parents, administrators and corporate mentors who write the content, coach teams, run tournaments, perform professional development and generally make Science Olympiad work. If you have spent nights dreaming of flying model airplanes, building robots or teaching kids the science behind earthquakes, Science Olympiad has a job for you!  Here's a list of the kinds of volunteers we normally utilize and who to contact to get involved:

Regional, State or National Tournament Volunteers

Science Olympiad tournaments are labor-intensive affairs full of fun and excitement -- they are usually held on a Saturday and require between 50-100 volunteers to run the 46 events, register and check in teams, run the scoring room, hand out medals, arrange lunch and oversee all the little details. Use the state web site page to connect to your local state director or regional tournament director to sign up! 

State Organization Volunteers

Each state Science Olympiad organization is run independently and needs members of the educational and business community to serve on their board and in leadership positions. Again, use the state web site page to connect to your local state director to offer your services.

Team Mentors, Corporate Mentors or Employee Volunteers

While each of the 6,400 Science Olympiad teams nationwide usually have a school teacher as their head coach, many teams rely on parents or community members to assist with kids' preparation for events. Science Olympiad events are aligned with state science curriculum standards, but many of the subjects require additional study, the use of a research lab, or intensive mentoring by a practicing scientist. If you have a science specialty, please consider reaching out to your local middle school or high school to see if they have a Science Olympiad team or program. Many corporations have dedicated Employee Mentoring programs which require participation and will let workers leave the office to participate in programs like Science Olympiad. On each school web site, activities like Science Olympiad are listed, so reach out to the building principal or science teacher in charge of the Science Olympiad team.

Event Supervisor Volunteers

The national Science Olympiad is always seeking assistance with the writing and creation of all Science Olympiad events.  Every event in the history of Science Olympiad has been brainstormed, developed, loved and nurtured by an individual interested in promoting a specific line of science like horology (the study of clocks and time) or epidemiology (the study of the spread of disease). Out of this devotion came the Science Olympiad events It's About Time and Disease Detectives. If you'd like to share your knowledge, please call the national Science Olympiad office at (630) 792-1251 with your idea for an event or to volunteer with an existing event.

Student Volunteers

Already on a Science Olympiad team and feel a strong need to share what you've learned with your fellow students? Science Olympiad provides a perfect excuse to call up your local middle school team and offer your expertise. Did you know you can gain service hours by working with peers or younger students? Get back in the game, volunteer today!