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Air Force at the 2014 National Tournament

See the Air Force Rapid Strike Simulator at the 2014 National Tournament near the Student Union in Parking Lot D1, just off the Memory Mall. Air Force Recruiting Service recognizes that Science Olympiad team members embody many of the core principles that make a great leader, and will present the two gold medal winners of the MagLev event at the 2014 Science Olympiad National Tournament with $1,000 college scholarships. A former Science Olympiad competitor now serving in the Air Force said, "Science Olympiad gave me an opportunity to develop my scientific and engineering mind so when I went to college and eventually on to my military career, I was a better prepared individual."

Science Olympiad's partnership with US Air Force at the 2013 Science Olympiad National Tournament at Wright State University featured the Rapid Strike Vehicle Simulator, appearances by top brass at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and an info booth. Volunteers from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base were on campus all weekend, and students visited the Air Force Museum. Students attended the Air Force Remote Sensing Technology Workshop - Friday, May 17, 11:00am to 12:00pm, Russ 144 on the WSU Campus: Two airmen from the US Air Force spoke about their experience and knowledge on Remote Sensing technology and discussed how Special Operations use Remote Sensing to keep America safe and lead the way in innovation for air, space and cyberspace. Air Force Recruiting Service presented the two gold medal winners of the Remote Sensing event at the Science Olympiad National Tournament with $1,000 college scholarships.

At the 2012 National Tournament hosted by the University of Central Florida on May 18-19, students experienced Command Center Alpha and heard remarks from TSgt John Bowerman, Interim Flight Chief, E-Flight Elite during the Awards Ceremony. Across the US, Air Force assisted with technical events at several Science Olympiad regional and state tournaments. 

At the 2011 Science Olympiad National Tournament, Air Force displayed a customized Orange County Chopper motorcycle for those wild about mechanics and engineering, and a ground-rattling NASCAR show car. During the Opening Ceremony, we heard from Col. Thomas Kenney, Chief, Operations Division, Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service, who inspired the crowd. If you've got an Air Force connection in your Science Olympiad life, please share your info in an Alumni Survey today.