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Rules Clarifications

FAQs and Clarifications will open October 1 and be closed at midnight on May 1. Official Rules Clarifications are made to clarify or correct the rules printed in the manuals. FAQs are replies to commonly asked questions. These Official Rules Clarifications and FAQs apply to all states and all tournaments and originate at the national level (please check your State Websites for special updates pertaining to your regional or state events). Click here to view Event FAQs or to Submit a Question

Anatomy & Physiology: B & C are the same for both divisions in 2015

Dynamic Planet B & C: 4.e. should read "Calculate the buoyancy of a given watercraft in water samples of varying density.” (12/29/14)

Picture ThisA TEAM OF3. should read A TEAM OF UP TO: 3. (10/29/14)

Technical Problem Solving: 3. For 2015 there are TWO stations but only ONE topic and delete 3.c. as it contradicts 3.b. (9/29/14)

Science Olympiad Policy for Significant Figures (12/5/12)

Events requiring Eye Protection #5 (High Impact Protection - ANSI Z87+) - Goggles with lenses identified as Z87+ regardless of markings on other parts of the goggles and Spectacles identified as Z87+ with side shields regardless of markings on other parts of the spectacles will be acceptable for events requiring High Impact Protection #5. (4/8/10)