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National Committees

National Executive Board

Dr. Gerard Putz, President and Co-Founder

Sharon Putz, Executive Administrator

James Woodland, Former Nebraska State Director & 2015 National Tournament Committee

Jennifer Kopach, VP Marketing Communications

Mike McKee, Florida State Director, 2012 & 2014 National Tournament Co-Director

Steve Betza, Lockheed Martin

Jack Cairns, Co-Founder, Emeritus

Advisory Committee

Phyllis Buchanan, DuPont Corporation

CeAnn Chalker, Wright State University, 2013 & 2017 National Tournament Co-Director

Tina Gilliland, Indiana University, 2006 National Tournament Director

Azania Heyward-James, Centers for Disease Control

Kelli Key, Texas Instruments

Dr. Peter Lu, Harvard University, Science Olympiad Alumnus

Harold Miller, New York State Director

Jon Pedersen, 2015 National Tournament Director, University of Nebraska

Dr. Sam Richie, University of Central Florida, 2014 National Tournament Co-Director

Fred Siegel, Claremont Graduate University, 2008 National Tournament Committee

Joe Simmons, Illinois Science Olympiad State Director, Ward's Science

Tim Taylor, Science Olympiad Coach, Ohio

Peggy Vavalla, DuPont Corporation

National Rules Committee Chairs

Karen Lancour - Life, Personal & Social Science

Mark Van Hecke & Dusty Schroeder - Earth & Space Science

Dr. Alan Chalker - Physical Science

Linda Wozniewski - Chemistry

CeAnn Chalker - Technology & Engineering

James Woodland - Inquiry & Nature of Science