Boomilever - Div B

(section: 3 / paragraph: a / line: 1)

2014-01-23 10:55 3a says that the Boolilever must be attached to the mounting hook(s). If the attachment base on the boomilever has no hole but rests against the mounting hook does that count as "attached"?

Yes, the boomilever may rest against the mounting hook.

(section: 3 / paragraph: d / line: 1)

2013-11-30 02:48 Is it 5 cm below Contact depth of actual Boomilever being tested, or 5 cm from Contact Depth line?

Please refer to the posted Rules Clarification.

2013-11-30 02:55 Does rule 3d mean that the loading block must be at or above 5cm below the contact depth before start AND during loading? For example, can the loading block be at 25cm below the center line of the hook if the contact depth=20cm? Will this depth be...

The rule does not state that the loading block must be at of above 5cm below the contact depth during the loading. Testing will continue until failure of the Boomilever which is defined in 5.f.line 3.

(section: 3g,h / line: 1)

2014-01-23 10:36 Can we use dowel joints to connect/join wood pieces in addition to adhesive? i.e. the dowel pins are made of wood.

Dowels are allowed as long as they are made of wood and meet the requirements of rule 3.g.

(section: 5 / paragraph: i / line: 2-3)

2014-03-27 14:41 What is the correct usage of the stabilization sticks (i.e. door stop end bumper only, wood dowel end only, either wood dowel or door stop end, or does not matter)?

To correctly use the stabilization sticks, the door stop end bumper should be used to touch the bucket, not the wood dowel end.

(section: 5 / paragraph: j / line: all)

2014-01-23 10:52 Please explain "Failure." Should loading stop if a piece breaks off the structure? Rule 3.a. states that it must be a single structure.

Failure is defined specifically in rule 5.j. Rule 3.a. defines the construction parameters of the structure, not what happens to the structure during loading. Therefore, if a piece breaks off the structure during loading and the structure is still supporting the load, loading will continue until failure occurs as defined in 5.j.