Mission Possible

(section: 1 / paragraph: a / line: 4)

2014-10-22 08:57 Does each golf ball need to end up in its own container?


(section: 3 / paragraph: d / line: 1)

2014-10-26 20:30 What constitutes an action/how are they different from a transfer?

A transfer is referring to an ETS (Energy Transfer Sequence), which is described in 4.b.

(section: 4 / line: 1)

2014-10-22 09:02 What is the difference between the Action Sequence List transfers and the Bonus Energy Transfer Sequences? When is which used, etc?

All actions/transfers must be included on the submitted Action Sequence List. The Bonus Energy Transfer Sequences must be included in the submitted Action Sequence List.

(section: 4 / paragraph: a / line: 1)

2014-10-26 20:42 If more than one golf ball is being sorted, do you just drop one in to start the device and the others are already placed in the device, or must all of them be dropped in?

The Start Task golf ball is the only one that is not in the device at the Start. All other golf balls must begin in the device at a point below the bottom of the lowest scoring plastic beverage jug.

(section: 4 / paragraph: a / sub-paragraph: 3 / line: 5)

2014-10-22 09:07 Can objects, other than scoring golf balls, be placed inside of the scoring jugs, provided that they do not alter the inside surface of the jug?

No, objects other than the scoring golf balls may not be inside the scoring jugs. The inside of the scoring jug may not contain any objects, excluding scoring golf balls, throughout the duration of the run.

(section: 4 / paragraph: b / line: 1)

2014-10-22 09:11 For two consecutive ETS will the golf ball at the end of first ETS be the same as the golf ball of the second ETS?

Yes, the ending ball from one ETS may be the starting ball for the next ETS. There does not need to be an intermediate step between two consecutive Bonus Energy Transfer Sequences.

2014-10-26 20:52 It states that the ETS must be initiated by the PROCESS of a golf ball moving into a scoring jug, does this mean that as long as the starting golf ball starts the next ETS and falls in before the next golfball falls in, the ETS is scored?


2014-10-26 20:58 Do the initiating and final golf balls have to be eligible for scoring in order for an ETS to be eligible for scoring? Initiating and final referring to the golf ball starting the ETS and the golf ball released at the end of the transfer.

Yes, both the initiating and final golf balls must be eligible for scoring in order for an ETS to be eligible for scoring.

(section: 4 / paragraph: b / line: 2)

2014-10-22 09:13 Does an ETS have to be initiated by a golf ball specifically falling into a scoring jug (4.b, line 2) or simply initiated by a golf ball "Prior to entering a scoring jug (4.a, line 8)"?

The Bonus ETS must be initiated by  the process of a golf ball moving into a scoring jug.

(section: 4 / paragraph: c / line: 3)

2014-10-22 09:24 What is the specific definition of "immediately," as in "The last ball will count for points if it immediately drops into a jug"?

Immediate is not specifically defined in a tenth of a second or seconds so as not to put a burden on the Event Supervisor for timing. It is up to the Event Supervisor to determine the definition of "immediate". A team should not take chances of the ball taking more than 1-2 seconds.

(section: 5 / line: L)

2014-10-22 09:30 Only 6 Energy Task Sequences score points. Can any number of golf balls be given 2 points, though after the first 6, they use non-scoreable Actions?

Yes, any number of golf balls may receive 2 points with non-scoreable actions.