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2014-02-27 12:11 Is it up to an event supervisor's or tournament director's discretion whether or not to allow the use of laptops as a resource at a regional competition?

No. Regional supervisors should follow the National rules, which explicitly state that laptops are allowed. Not doing so would give teams a disadvantage at future competitions. All competitions, whether regional or state, should follow as closely as possible the event description in the Event Rules manual. Event supervisors should discuss with the tournament director any deviation from the rules stated in the manual.

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2013-10-31 15:34 What is exactly is "V1"?

This year's topic is stellar evolution and variable stars, and V1 is standard nomenclature for variables. V1 is a Cepheid variable star in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). It is a very famous Cepheid as this was the star that Hubble observed and analyzed which showed that M31 was not a nebula but an entire galaxy and the universe became a much larger place. The Hubble observatory has made several observations of this variable and one link for information about V1 is or

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