Wheeled Vehicle

(section: 3 / paragraph: 1 / sub-paragraph: n/a / line: 1)

2014-01-16 15:20 Does the "non-metallic, elastic material" (possibly a rubber band) mentioned in Section 1 qualify as a "drive string"?

Yes, if the elastic material is wrapped around the axle it becomes the 'drive string' and would not incur a penalty if it comes free and touches the floor.

(section: 3 / paragraph: a / line: 1)

2014-01-16 15:26 3.a. states using a "single integral device" .... Does that rule out a system combining two energy sources, such as using rubber bands along with a fishing pole system?

A single integral device (a single vehicle) could include a device which has two or more separate sections/energy sources even if they are dissimilar such as rubber bands and a fishing pole as they are complimenting each other to achieve a goal of greatest speed.

(section: 3 / paragraph: b / line: 1)

2014-01-16 15:36 How many non-metallic elastic devices can I have to power the vehicle?

There is no limit as long as they all meet the "non-metallic, elastic" rule.

2014-01-16 15:37 If a fishing pole is used as the elastic device, do the metal ferules violate the non-metalic rule?

No, as long as the metal ferrules don't provide any energy to propel the vehicle, it is okay.

(section: 3 / paragraph: e / line: 1)

2013-12-19 10:38 Can the attachment of the dowel to the vehicle encircle the dowel? Technically, the dowel itself would not then be the "Foremost part of the vehicle", the attachment mechanism would be.

The vehicle may have a device to attach the dowel to the vehicle and permit the removal of the dowel for transportation and/or any necessary adjustment. This device must not extend more than 2 cm from the front of the dowel and would then become the foremost part of the vehicle. This attachment device must serve no purpose other than to attach and hold the dowel on the vehicle.

(section: 3 / paragraph: f / line: 1)

2014-03-09 21:11 Does a 1/4" x 1/4" piece of balsa qualify as a 'dowel'?

No, a dowel by definition is a solid cylindrical rod.

(section: 3 / paragraph: J / line: 1)

2014-05-06 22:35 Can students use a laser device to aid in the alignment of their wheeled vehicle?

No. Paragraph 3.j. specifically prohibits that. "No electrical or electronic devices may be used on the vehicle, its alignment devices, or any tools ...

(section: 3e / line: 1)

2014-01-16 15:39 The 1/4" wooden dowel that must be attached to the front end of the vehicle, can it be a square dowel or must it be a round dowel?

By definition, a dowel is a cylindrical rod.

(section: 6 / paragraph: c / line: 1)

2014-01-16 15:59 What happens if a vehicle goes beyond the target distance? Would I still take a distance score but placed the team score in Tier 2 as a competition violation?

The vehicle may go past the the Target Line without penalty. If the vehicle goes past the Target Line the Distance Score is still the distance from the Measurement Point on the vehicle to the Target Line to the nearest 0.1 cm. It is a point (Measurement Point on the vehicle) to line (Target Line) measurement.

(section: 6 / paragraph: d / line: 2)

2014-01-16 15:43 If the center line tape disappears under the wheel of the vehicle but is not visible on the outside of the wheel, is that a reason for losing the Center Line Bonus?

No, if the center tape remains completely within the vehicle's track, i.e. the Center Tape is not visible outside of either wheel of the vehicle's widest axle the Center Line Bonus will be awarded.