Metric Mastery

(section: 3 / sub-paragraph: ii / line: 2)

2013-11-03 20:50 The "plus one estimated digit" rule only applies to analog equipment, not to digital, right? Students should not be estimating digits on a digital scale, digital thermometer, etc. Correct?

Correct. You can not estimate a digit on digital measuring devices.

(section: 3 / paragraph: c / sub-paragraph: iii / line: 1)

2014-01-06 20:30 Can we use scientific notation in our answer?

Yes, proper scientific notation will be an acceptable format for an answer in the Metric Mastery event.

(section: 4 / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: i / line: 2)

2014-01-06 20:45 Does the "plus one estimated digit" rule apply to a vernier caliper? One of markings on the vernier scale is supposed to be exactly “aligned" with a marking on the main scale which will gives the exact reading.

No, you are correct. On a vernier caliper there would not be an estimated digit.