Division B Events

Earth/Space Science

Dynamic Planet - Div B

Fossils - Div B


Road Scholar

Solar System


Bottle Rocket

Picture This

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2014-10-26 20:26 May teams be made up of only 2 students?

Yes, please see the official Rules Clarification. Teams may have up to 3 students.

Experimental Design - Div B

Write It Do It - Div B

Life/Personal/Social Science

Bio-Process Lab

Disease Detectives - Div B

Anatomy and Physiology

Green Generation - Div B

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2014-10-27 20:49 Does the limitation to Div C apply to both Legislation and Economic Opportunity or just Economic Opportunity?

Both topics of Legislation and Economic Opportunity in Solving Problems will apply to only Division C. Division B will not have any questions related to Legislation and Economic Opportunity in Solving Problems.

Entomology - Div B

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2014-10-26 19:43 The Official Insect List has a glaring error. The family listed for "scale insects-twig or leaf" is wrong. It should be Coccidae, not Dactylopiidae which is cochineal insects.

From the rules... "The taxonomic scheme is based upon the Audubon Insect and Spider Field Guide. Any arbitrations questions will defer to this resource as the correct answer. " and on p 512 cochineal bugs are labeled as Family Dactylopiidae. its not a perfect system, and no book I am aware of will resolve every issue that can arise with the fluidity of insect taxonomy.

Physical Science/Chemistry


Can't Judge a Powder

Crime Busters

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2014-10-27 20:11 May students bring one or two individual resource pages (not in a binder), as in past years? Are students allowed to remove resource pages from the binder to use while working during the competition?

Most event supervisors are going to go by the book, which means the two pages would need to be in a binder. There are no rules on the removal of the pages, but it might be best to ask the event supervisor if removal of the pages would be allowed.


Crave The Wave

Simple Machines

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2014-10-27 20:39 For the first class lever component, does the total length of the bar have to be less than 80 cm or the individual sides from the fulcrum?

For the class 1 lever the load point to load point measurements must be less than or equal to 80.0 cm. The size of the the fulcrum is irrelevant to this measurement.

Air Trajectory

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2014-10-30 17:49 Is a Foose ball legal to use as a projectile?

No, only the listed items in rule 3.f. are allowed as projectiles.

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2014-10-25 21:17 Please define "plastic practice golf balls". Are high density polyurethane foam practice golf balls allowed?

The most common type of plastic golf balls are plastic dimpled and plastic with holes and HDPE foam types are legal. As long as they are commercially marketed as "plastic practice golf balls", they may be used. It is recommended that students bring the packaging if there is a question.

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2014-10-25 21:32 Its stated that the launch area is "1.00 m x 1.50 m (parallel to the launch direction)," does this mean that launch area is 1.50 m in length along the launch access and 1 m wide?

Yes, the 1.5 m side of the launch area is the side that is parallel to the launch direction and the front of the launch area is 1 m wide.

(section: 4 / paragraph: e / line: 1)

2014-10-25 21:45 The height of the target is not specified in the rules. What are the limits on how high or how low the targets can be compared to the launching area?

Rule 4.d. explicitly says that the target is either tape on the floor or panels lying on the floor. There should not be any significant difference between the floor height in the launch area and the targets.

(section: 4 / paragraph: g / line: 1)

2014-10-25 21:59 Can a team take one shot each for both targets and then decide which target it takes a second shot and/or take a bucket shot (if allowed by 4.i)?

Competitors may choose either target for their first shot. They may then choose to take their second shot at the same target or their first shot at the other target. If they qualify to take a bucket shot after their first shot at a particular target, they must ask for the bucket when they wish to take the second shot at that target.

(section: 4 / paragraph: h / line: 2)

2014-10-25 22:05 How can the competitors make measurements after the launch without touching the target?

Competitors will be told the distance of the targets from the launch area and can measure their impact locations from the launch area if outside of the target.

(section: 4 / paragraph: i / line: 7)

2014-10-25 22:11 If the projectile bounces off the bottom of the bucket and then out of the bucket would the bonus count?

Rule 4.i states that "making contact with the inside bottom surface is worth an additional 100 points." It does not state that after making contact the projectile must remain in the bucket, so the bonus is given even if the projectile subsequently bounces out of the bucket.


Wheeled Vehicle

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2014-10-22 09:36 Can other parts of the vehicle (not the wheels) extend beyond the 25cm by 60cm rectangle in a ready to run configuration?

Yes, rule 3.c. applies only to the wheels.


Bridge Building

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2014-10-27 19:44 Must the outside width of the Bridge be at least 5.0 cm for the entire span? What does "at any height along its span" mean?

Yes, the outside width of the Bridge must be at least 5.0 cm for the entire span (Div. B - 35 cm and Div. C - 45 cm). "At any height along its span" means that the 5.0 cm width for the entire span can be at any height on the bridge as long as it is not below the top surface of the Test Supports.

2014-10-27 19:49 If the outside width of the bridge at the bottom chord is 5cm out to out, can the top chords be less than 5cm out to out in order to better support the loading block?

Yes, as long as the width of the Bridge is at least 5.0 cm for the entire span it doesn't matter at what height the 5.0 cm minimum width is located.

(section: 3 / paragraph: f / line: 1)

2014-10-27 19:52 May the loading block be placed at any height of the Bridge as long as it is in the center of the span?

Yes, the loading block may be placed at any height of the Bridge as long as it is in the center of the span and not below the top surface of the Test Supports prior to testing.

Elastic Launched Glider

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2014-10-27 20:06 Can the other team member help load the glider in the launcher as long as only one member actually launches the glider?